PAST lectureS From September 2020

Art: A Detective Story

Decoding Symbols in Paintings

Paintings are silent but they want to tell us things – sometimes they tell simple stories, but sometimes they send subtle messages: messages intended to elevate, educate, warn or criticise. A medieval altarpiece, a Renaissance portrait, a Dutch still life, a Baroque ceiling painting or a Victorian genre scene, all resort to symbolism to tell their stories. This talk looks at the rich tradition of symbols, emblems and allegories used by artists through the ages to tell us more than just meets the eye

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Adventures among the Nomadic Tribes of Iran and Afghanistan

Searching for the Woven Art of the Nomads

Brian MacDonald

The woven art of the nomads as they moved over the lands they have travelled for generations


I thought both lectures were very good and I am looking forward to the next one

The lecture itself was excellent and, as it happened, worth waiting for!

 I thoroughly enjoyed it and it makes such a difference to have plenty of slides moving quite quickly, as the lecture on zoom then seems to flow better

Thought it was excellent – what a fascinating adventure!

Thank you,  both John and I enjoyed the lecture very much

Worth waiting for. Really good. 

It was a super lecture which I could listen to , and watch, all over again.  Apart from being very interesting, it was done so well with some of the most delightful, colourful, pictures to illustrate it.  I could definitely listen to such a good speaker again

That lecture yesterday was utterly amazing and fascinating.

It was a brilliant lecture and  well worth waiting for

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Mad Enchantment

Claude Monet and the painting of the Water Lilies


An examination of the personal and aesthetic motivations behind Monet’s immense canvases and their legacy in twentieth-century art