lecture programme 2022


Our lectures normally take place at 3 pm and 7 pm on the first Wednesday of each month, except January and August, in the Digby Hall, Hound Street, Sherborne.

Please arrive at the Hall to check in at least 15 minutes before the scheduled lecture time so that you and the check-in team can be seated before the doors are closed five minutes before the lecture. Members are asked to have their plastic membership cards ready to ease the check-in process.


We welcome visitors to our lectures. There is a Visitor Charge of £7. 

Registration and payment can be completed online by credit or debit card using the button below. 

While registration and payment online is preferred visitors to the Digby Hall can also register and pay by card (preferred) or cash at the door.  

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5th October 2022

The most Infamous Family in History?

Sarah Dunant

Murder, poison, corruption, incest…but were the Borgias really so bad? Sometimes truth is more intoxicating than myth.

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2nd November 2022

Caravaggio – Rebel on the Run

Sian Walters

Caravaggio was the definitive bad boy of art history. His meteoric rise to fame ended abruptly following a particularly violent and bloody brawl. This lecture explores in particular the last 4 years of his life, a period of extraordinary creative activity when the artist was forced to leave Rome, realising that his life was in danger.

Moulin Rouge

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7th December 2022

Toulouse-Lautrec and the Golden Age of Cabaret

Julian Halsby

Toulouse-Lautrec’s life is both a triumph against adversity and a glimpse into late 19th century society in Paris. Julian looks at the careers of the leading cabaret artists who were the subject of Lautrec’s art including La Goulue, Jane Avril, Yvette Guilbert, May Milton, the clown Cha-U-Kao and Aristide Bruant, as well as at some of the well known venues such as Le Rat Mort, the Moulin Rouge, the Divan Japonais and the Moulin de la Galette. This is a lively view of La Belle Époque seen through the eyes of an artist from an aristocratic family.