Moulin Rouge

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7th December 2022

Toulouse-Lautrec and the Golden Age of Cabaret

Julian Halsby

Toulouse-Lautrec’s life is both a triumph against adversity and a glimpse into late 19th century society in Paris. Julian looks at the careers of the leading cabaret artists who were the subject of Lautrec’s art including La Goulue, Jane Avril, Yvette Guilbert, May Milton, the clown Cha-U-Kao and Aristide Bruant, as well as at some of the well known venues such as Le Rat Mort, the Moulin Rouge, the Divan Japonais and the Moulin de la Galette. This is a lively view of La Belle Époque seen through the eyes of an artist from an aristocratic family.

2nd November 2022

In Sian Walters place accredited Arts Society lecturer

John Ericson

gave a lecture on 

Norman Rockwell:

Great American artist or mere illustrator?

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5th October 2022

The most Infamous Family in History?

Sarah Dunant

Murder, poison, corruption, incest…but were the Borgias really so bad? Sometimes truth is more intoxicating than myth.


Both Lecturer and content brilliant! Thanks.

For me this lecture was a revelation, an attention holding event that I wouldn`t have missed for the world.

Fabulous! Such an engaging speaker. Lively, knowledgeable, a great presenter.

Quite simply, outstanding and riveting.We all learnt lots too. Loverd it!.

Full marks for both lecturer and content! More from her please.

Well constructed and full of interesting facts.

It was marvellous. The speaker`s enthusiasm for the period, her sense of humour and her extensive knowledge made for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

First rate- dynamic subject and a dynamic speaker!

We could have listened to the lecturer all day. Marvellous!

An animated and inspirational speaker, who informed inspired and entertained.

Adam Busiakiewicz,

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7th September 2022

The Queen of Instruments

The Lute in Old Master Paintings

(Accompanied by Adam on his Lute)

Adam Busiakiewitz

From the golden-haired lute-playing angels of the Italian Renaissance, through to the 17th century when the lute became the pastime of educated courtiers; then to intimate interior scenes of Jan Steen and Franz Hals emphasising transient pleasures…accompanied by Adam on his own lute.


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1st June 2022

Modern Architecture

Colin Davies

Major themes in 20th and 21st century architectures are introduced. The aim is to foster a fuller understanding of modern architecture and to encourage enjoyment of its rich variety.

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4th May 2022

The Road is Wider than Long

Antony Penrose

The Road is Wider than Long is a love poem created as a photo-book of a journey through the Balkans in 1938 by the lecturer`s father, Roland Penrose, a surrealist artist and the passionate new love of his life, the American photographer, Lee Miller. He presented her with the first copy and she subsequently left her husband and became his wife.


The lecture was absolutely brilliant

Really captivating;  such an interesting story and so much detail plus great photos.

Loved the photographs he produced of people and places and his presentation was excellent

What an unexpectedly excellent lecture last night! Quite emotional and beautifully presented.

George Jacob French 1780-5

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6th April 2022

The History and Culture of Chairs

Andrew Spira

Sitting down is such an integral and utilitarian part of our lives that one would think that there is a basic type chair, of which ‘finely designed’ chairs are but a variation. The fact is however that there no such thing as a ‘standard’ chair, and even the convention of sitting on chairs is not universally established. This lecture is about the cultural significance of sitting, and of the chairs on which we sit – from benches (from which the words ‘bank’ and ‘banquet’ come) to bishops’ thrones (from which the word ‘cathedral’ comes).


A bright and sparky lecture, which was much enjoyed – thank you

Excellent talk – thanks for organising

….I couldn’t begin to give a talk encompassing so much knowledge! So thank you, and the lecturer.

Fascinating. Amazing how people bring the threads of a subject together like that to create such a full picture!

Just to say how much I enjoyed the lecture last night

Birthday Letters

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2nd March 2022

90 Years of Excellence in Book Cover Design

Toby Faber

One of London’s most Important publishing houses. Its history is traced through its illustrations, covers and designs. It has employed some of the most celebrated artists as cover illustrators. The talk includes personal insight and anecdote.


Excellent lecture – what a charming man-thank you.

Shall always look out for the FF Logo on any book I pick up. Zoom has been great for me and hope to get back to normality in September. Thank you for all your organising.

I thought Tony Faber spoke very well and found the book illustrations fascinating.

The speaker was clear, entertaining and authoritative and gave a great deal of insight into the running of Faber & Faber and the more general intricacies of the publishing business.

It was indeed an exceptionally good lecture, which I much enjoyed.

Great lecture, the best for ages. A really unusual and interesting subject.

I thought yesterday`s talk was particularly good and so interesting-combining art and literature and from such a reputable company. So pleased that Zoom is continuing this year as well, much appreciated.

…well and humorously presented with a slightly self-deprecating style.

A very enjoyable evening with a presenter who was completely on top of his subject.

Great lecture last night – as they all are.

Moet & Chandon advertising fan

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Wednesday 2nd February 2022

Treasures of the Fan Museum

Jacob Moss

This museum has an extraordinary collection – discover some of the key exhibits – from a rare Elizabethan folding fan to contemporary examples by street artists.


WOW!! It (The Lecture) was amazing …well planned, well delivered and really enjoyable…ever so slightly doubted I would be fully engaged throughout the whole talk.

…when the lecture is on a subject I`m not particularly interested in, it turns out to be one of the best.

I was fascinated by the history of fans, there was so much more to it all than I ever imagined.

Good illustrations and I thought the questions at the end showed how much the audience really appreciated his lecture.

Jacob Moss`s enthusiasm and knowledge enlivened what could have been a dry topic. His presentation style and visual aids enhanced his lecture.

Very knowledgeable lecturer, fascinating and beautiful content.

…thought it was excellently presented and very informative. Wonderful visuals.

I had thought I wouldn`t be interested in “Fans” but I was totally wrong and thoroughly enjoyed it all.

A fascinating lecture by Jacob Moss. One of the very best I`ve been to.

I learnt a lot about a subject to which I had not given much thought…I`m sure that many of us wish to now visit The Fan Museum.