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The Arts Society is the international body to which The Arts Society Sherborne and some 600 other Societies worldwide are affiliated.

As well as coordinating the activities of the individual Societies The Arts Society maintains lists of accredited lecturers, ensuring the high standard of Societies’ offerings.

A regular magazine is distributed to all members and events of interest are publicised through the individual Societies.

The Wessex Area of the Arts Society organises regular lectures and Study Days, some extending over two or more days, in addition to those of the individual Societies in the area. 

Follow the link to view the area website and the programme of activities

Sherborne Arts provides arts-related classes, workshops, and events.

Follow the link to view the website where you can sign up to their courses or to receive their email newsletter.

The Sherborne Missal is the largest, most lavishly decorated late medieval English service book to have survived the Reformation intact. The manuscript was made for the Benedictine abbey of St Mary’s in Sherborne. It was probably produced between 1399-1407.

It is held in The British Library. The link takes you to a summary which also contains a further link to view the complete book

Old Castle

Sherborne Old Castle is a romantic 12th-century ruin set in beautiful grounds next to New Sherborne Castle.

The site is owned by English Heritage and is normally open to the public during the summer months

Sherborne Castle

Originally built for Sir Walter Raleigh in the grounds of the Old Castle and later acquired by the Digby family the castle and grounds are normally open to the public.

The grounds were designed by Capability Brown

Sherborne Abbey

Originally established as a Saxon cathedral in AD 705 the church became a Benedictine Abbey church in AD 996 and a parish church in AD 1539. The church, which is dedicated to St Mary the Virgin, dominates the town centre and contains some impressive architecture, notably the decorated ceiling (see our website home page).

A general guide to the town and its attractions

The Town Council’s web site contains much information about the town, its attractions and  and activities including information for visitors. 

Founded in 1957, Sherborne Historical Society is a group of people who are interested in history, both local and worldwide. From September to March it provides fortnightly talks from distinguished speakers to members.