Renew Your Membership

Members who have paid a subscription for 2021 will be able to renew their membership for 2022 through this page from October  2021.

In recognition of the loyalty of our members through a very difficult period in which the Society’s activities have been severely constrained members will be invited to renew as members for 2022 at an unchanged rate of  £40 per annum for single membership or £70 for joint members. This represents a discount of £10 per person on the full subscription rate for 2022.

If you suspended your membership in 2021 please click here to apply to re-join. Your 2022 membership will then run from the date of application to the end of 2022. If you apply to re-join for 2022 during August 2021 you may attend the September 2021 lecture as a Visitor at no charge.