Renew Your Membership


Members whose membership was current on 30 September 2022 are invited to renew for 2023 at a rate of £50 per annum for single membership or £90 for joint members using a single mailing address. Your 2023 membership will continue from the expiry of your current membership, on 31 December 2022, until 31 December 2023

If your previous membership was not renewed for 2022, please use the New Member application procedure by clicking here as your previous details will have been removed from the current membership list.

If you have not changed any of your details since renewing for 2021, all you need to do is pay your subscription by 31 December 2022. This will cover your membership up to December 2023. Payment can be made by bank transfer (strongly preferred) debit/credit card  or cheque using the link below or by cheque or credit/debit card at one of our lectures.

Our lectures are at 3 pm or 7 pm each month except January and August. Members may attend either lecture. It is not necessary to advise your preference.

Exceptionally, in January 2023 the lecture on Russian Icons, which had to be twice cancelled in 2022, will be given on 4 January.