Study Day programme 2023

Our Study Days, held in the Digby Hall, Sherborne, comprise three lectures on the same day. There are two lectures in the morning with a coffee break between them followed by lunch with wine or soft drinks and a further lecture in the afternoon.

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Thursday 9 March 2023


Carol wilhide justin

This study day comprises three lectures:
Beginning with a lecture on the history of
Japanese Woodcut looking at its rich cultural importance to
Japan and later the huge impact the prints had on the course
of Modern Western Art, particularly to the Impressionists
in France. Carol Justin will also bring the technique into the
present with a look at contemporary practitioners including
Rebecca Salter, President of the Royal Academy and her own
In the afternoon Carol will introduce the tools and materials
and give a demonstration of Japanese woodcut printing.
There will be an opportunity at the end of the day for
participants to try printing from prepared blocks.
Carol Wilhide Justin graduated from the RCA in 2017 and
is now an artist-printmaker who teaches and specialises in
Japanese woodcut.


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Wednesday 16 November 2023

A Crisis of Brilliance

The Slade School and the Revolution in British Art           1910-1945

David Boyd Haycock

The students who studied at the Slade School of Art in
London between 1910 -14 would go on to become some
of the most significant names in C20th British art. They
included Dora Carrington, David Bomberg, Mark Gertler,
Paul Nash, C.R.W. Nevinson and Stanley Spencer. They
lived through one of the most exciting and disturbing periods
in European art and culture, when the traditional canons
that had been established during the Renaissance were blown
apart by waves of Modernism: Post-Impressionism, Cubism,
Futurism and the First World War.
The three lectures in this Study Day will explore how, in the
space of just a few decades, the art world changed forever.
Exploring the lives and works of these Slade artists, each
lecture leads on to the next in chronological order, looking at
the major events and works of art.