Mad Enchantment – Claude Monet and the painting of the Water Lilies

2 September 2020

Zoom lecture at  5 pm

Monet began his iconic large-scale images of his water pond in Giverny at a time of personal turmoil and sadness in 1914. Then in his mid-seventies, he was one of the world’s most famous and successful painters. However, he had virtually given up painting following the deaths of both his wife and his eldest son, and a diagnosis of cataracts. Nonetheless, it was during this period of sorrow, ill health and creative uncertainty that – as the guns roared on the Western Front – he began the most demanding and innovative paintings he had ever attempted. This illustrated lecture examines the personal and aesthetic motivations behind Monet’s immense canvases and their legacy in twentieth-century art. 

Lecturer: Dr Ross King

Ross King is the author of eight books on Italian, French and Canadian art and history. His books have been translated into more than a dozen languages, and he has won both the Governor General’s Award in Canada and the BookSense Non-Fiction Book of the Year in the United States. Born and raised in Canada, he has lived in England since 1992. He has lectured widely in both North America and Europe, and given lectures and guided tours in Florence, Rome, Milan, Paris and Giverny.