Vaux le vicomte “fit for a king”

a tale of misplaced ambition, jealousy and betrayal

3 may 2023

Digby hall , hound street, sherborne at 3 pm and 7 pm

Vaux le Vicomte – General view


Vaux le Vicomte – View of Gardens


Vaux le Vicomte – Grand Salon


Vaux le Vicomte – Side Elevation over Lake


Vaux le Vicomte – Dining Room


Vaux le Vicomte Elevated view of Outbuildings

French 17th century chateau design owes much to one man; the ambitious visionary Nicholas Fouquet who is still somewhat of an enigma today. He seemed invincible but made one grave error of judgement which was to lead to his downfall. He employed the country’s best talent of the day to commission a spectacular chateau for himself. In doing so he was completely outshining the Sun King; Vaux le Vicomte presented a radical new look for the century whilst Versailles was nothing more than a humble hunting lodge at the time. The story that ensues is legendary. This lecture explores innovative garden design and architecture together with lavish interiors to tell the shocking story.

Carole Petipher

Carole is an experienced guide and lecturer on combined history and art tours in France with 20 years experience. Having lived and worked on a number of bespoke river vessels and converted barges there she has used them as a platform from which to research her lectures. She uses art in all its guises to explore the characters who shaped France and likes to delve behind the scenes to discover hidden truths.
She also acts as a guide for a privately owned ancestral home in her native Chilterns.