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Blue and white in the middle east 

 1st February 2023

Digby hall , hound street, sherborne at 3 pm and 7 pm

Blue and White Pheasant Dish, Iran c.1700 AD, Ashmolean Museum 600×450


Blue and White Dish, Iznik (Turkey), 1525-35 AD, Ashmolean Museum 600×531


Polychrome Tulip Vase-Iran c1700AD Ashmolean Museum -James Allan Lecture 600×787

Blue and White Fish Dish, Iraq, 9th century AD, Ashmolean Museum-James Allan Lecture February 2023-600×393


Wedgewood Dinner Service Bowl, commissioned by Fath `Ali Shah of Iran c.1800 AD, Ashmolean Museum – James Allan Lecture 2023-600×402


Fine art has provided advertisers and their agencies with a great deal of material to use in their creative campaigns.    This lecture describes some of the processes by which these advertisements have been created and why the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo have been a particularly rich source. From the Renaissance through to the present day fine art continues to provide opportunities to enhance Brand imagery with admiration, humour, satire and irony.   In this lecture there will be a wide range of visuals and video to show examples of the original works, the creative process and the (not always entirely successful) advertisements that are the end result.


JAmes Allan

Now retired, but was curator of the Islamic collection and Keeper of Eastern Art at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford University, where he also set up an inter-faith exhibition service and taught Islamic art and architecture. Leads tours in the Middle East and has published numerous articles and books on Islamic art, the most recent being, The art and architecture of Twelver Shi’ism: Iraq, Iran and the Indian Subcontinent