The Mayan Civilisation of Central America

8 may 2024

Digby hall , hound street, sherborne at 3 pm and 7 pm

Temple 1 in Central Acropolis-Tickal-Guatemala

Late Classic Maya Vase from Nebaj-Guatemala

Temple of Inscriptions at Palenque

Classic Jade Plaque found at Teotihuacan

Whilst a great deal is known to many about the Greeks, and the Romans and even the Egyptians, the great ancient civilisations of the New World (The Maya, the Aztecs and the Incas) are much less well known. My focus is on the Maya, arguably the greatest of the 3, who achieved remarkably high levels of civilisation in the inhospitable jungles of Central America. I will attempt to provide a geographic context, give some details about their timescale, and highlight their numerous achievements and their way of life.

Duncan Pring

  Educated at Oxford (BA, MA) and London (MA, Ph.D) universities. PhD thesis on “The Preclassic Ceramics of Northern Belize”. Subsequent articles in academic journals, mainly on Mayan ceramics. The Protoclassic in the Maya Lowlands published in 2000 by British Archaeological Reports. Joint author in chapter 4 of Pre-Mamom Pottery Variations and the Preclassic Origins of the Lowland Maya. University Press of Colorado 2023